Thursday, March 3, 2016

Send your 321Shout-Out today!

You can send SHOUT-OUTS to people you love during our WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY CELEBRATION!!!!! Fun...right???? This is a great way to support the mission of the 321foundation and send messages to those you care about!!!! Imagine the excitement when your child, grandchild, niece/nephew, sibling, cousin, or friend gets a message from you on the big screen!!!!! The message will include one picture and a message for only $10!!!!!!!! ( example below)
We will have an amazing multimedia company First State Audio Visual, LLC at our 321celebrate event on 3/19. We will have 60" tv screens and projector screens. Cool right???
So here are the details...

Fill out the form using the link below.
The form will ask you to:
Attach a picture.
Include a message.
Donate $10
It's that easy!!!! In just minutes you can create an amazing memory for someone you care about!!!!

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