Sunday, March 6, 2016

Let's recognize our favorite people! Submit your nomination today!

Do you know someone who goes out of their way to make life better for a person/people with Down syndrome or their friends? We want to help you recognize them for their love & support!
We are taking nominations for your favorite teacher, doctor, nurse, therapist, legislator, friend, non profit, advocate, self advocate, champion, hero, parent, coach, business, etc.
Nominate any and all of your favorites and they will be recognized at our 321celebrate World Down Syndrome Day party on 3/19/2015!

Instead of filling out a form, we want to hear from your HEART. Why is the person/people you are nominating so amazing?
Please email your nominations to and be sure to include...
1. Your name and contact info
2. The person you are nomination and their contact info
3. Your child's name
4. What you love about the nominee

2015 321foundation Award Recipients:
Advocate of the Year - Rick Kosmalski
Advocate of the Year - Shawn Rohe
Buddy of the Year - Alexis Merritt
Buddy of the Year - Maura Jegerski
Champion of the Year - The Renzi Family & BCP Smyrna
Coach of the Year - Melanie Blanco
Doctor of the Year - Dr. Tim
Entertainer of the Year - Sara Ann Garrison
Hero of the Year - Anna Rose RuBright
Inspiration Award - Sec. Rita Landgraf
Instructor of the Year - Emilie Brown
National Organization of the Year - NDSS
Occupational Therapist of the Year - Courtney Girafalco
Paraprofessional of the Year - Marlene Ragghianti
Paraprofessional of the Year - Tammy Morris
Physical Therapist of the Year - Tracy Stoner
Self Advocate of the Year - Jon Stoklosa
Self Advocate of the Year - Jordan Taylor
Speech Therapist of the Year - Cindy Collins
Speech Therapist of the Year - Sarah Walker
Supporter of the Year - CleanPRO Detail Center
Supporter of the Year - D & T Heating & Cooling 
Supporter of the Year - The Massage Center of Delaware
Teacher of the Year - Debbie Torbert
Teacher of the Year - Katalin Morrrell
Teacher of the Year - Rachel Ross
Volunteer of the Year - WU Men's Soccer Team
Warrior of the Year - Franki Olivere
Warrior of the Year - Victoria Marsh

Thank you friends!

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