Thursday, March 12, 2015

Today's spotlight is on Natalie

Hi!  I'm Natalie and just turned four at the end of January. I love singing, being read to, ballet class, and cheering on my family in 5k races.
   I was not a huge fan of the cold weather this winter had to offer.  My aunt & sister tried to encourage me to go sledding with them but I insisted I was "done" and that it was too "cold".  I am more of a warm weather kind of gal 😎
       I spend three mornings a week at preschool with my terrific teacher and caring friends.  The other two mornings I can be found in a variety of places:
~attending therapies to hone in on my gross & fine motor and speech skills.
~serving as a valuable addition to the Children & Families Committee as part of the Developmental Disability Council.
~teaching the community the importance and benefits of #inclusion.
     I can't wait for warmer weather so I can hit up the park with my sister and friends, lunch dates with my dad, visit the beach and drive around the neighborhood in my sisters Jeep!
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#downsyndrome #wdsd15

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