Thursday, March 26, 2015

321foundation award recipients!

A major addition to this year's ‪#‎321celebrate‬ ‪#‎WDSD15‬event were our award recipients. Each were nominated by others who recognized them for making a difference in the lives of people with ‪#‎DownSyndrome‬. Please take a moment to congratulate these fantastic people, organizations, and businesses!

2015 321foundation Award Recipients:
Advocate of the Year - Rick Kosmalski
Advocate of the Year - Shawn Rohe
Buddy of the Year - Alexis Merritt
Buddy of the Year - Maura Jegerski
Champion of the Year - The Renzi Family & BCP Smyrna
Coach of the Year - Melanie Blanco
Doctor of the Year - Dr. Tim
Entertainer of the Year - Sara Ann Garrison aka Sara Ann Band
Hero of the Year - AnnaRose Rubright
Inspiration Award - Sec. Rita Landgraf, Delaware Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS)
Instructor of the Year - Emilie Brown
National Organization of the Year - National Down Syndrome Society
Occupational Therapist of the Year - Courtney Girafalco
Paraprofessional of the Year - Marlene Ragghianti
Paraprofessional of the Year - Tammy Morris
Physical Therapist of the Year - Tracy Stoner
Self Advocate of the Year - Jon Stocklosa
Self Advocate of the Year - Jordan Taylor
Speech Therapist of the Year - Cindy Collins
Speech Therapist of the Year - Sarah Kennedy Walker
Supporter of the Year - CleanPRO Detail Center
Supporter of the Year - D&T Heating and Cooling Inc.
Supporter of the Year - The Massage Center of Delaware
Teacher of the Year - Debbie Orlando Torbert
Teacher of the Year - Katalin Morrrell
Teacher of the Year - Rachel Ross
Volunteer of the Year - Wilmington University Men's Soccer Team
Warrior of the Year - Franki Olivere
Warrior of the Year - Victoria Marsh

See the award presentation from our 321celebrate World Down Syndrome Day event at the below link!

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