Friday, May 6, 2016

It is Moyamoya Awareness Day!

It is Moyamoya Awareness Day!
Moyamoya is a rare disease that effects the arteries in the brain. It is progressive and there is no known cure. It's so important to spread awareness, because Moyamoya often presents as stroke, TIA, and seizures in children and young adults. Because it is not a common condition people are misdiagnosed and their symptoms of stroke, which would be taken seriously in an older person, are ignored or dismissed as stress. Most people with Moyamoya have surgery to help with symptoms,  but it is not a cure. Remember the name! And remember that anyone can have a stroke!  There is also a stat that 23% of all individuals with #MoyaMoya have #Downsyndrome.  

Three of our sweet friends, Erin, Daphne, and Franki all have Moyamoya.  Please keep all of them in your thoughts and help us raise awareness for this disease by sharing!!!!

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