Thursday, April 2, 2015

Kayla's Bill - passing Delaware's ABLE Act

This is video from the House passage of "Kayla's Bill" which will be Delaware's version of the ‪#‎ABLEAct‬ formerly HB 60. This amazing experience is still sinking in with our family and we are so happy to share this moment with so many other wonderful families, friends, and advocates.‪#‎happytears‬ 
Key points in the video:
2:00 - showing amendment to change the name to "Kayla's Bill"
2:13 - Rep. Melanie George Smith introduction of the amendment
3:30 - Members all in favor to vote for the bill
4:23 - Rep. Trey Paradee provides overview of the bill
7:50 - Rep. Quinn Johnson provides commentary and personal story
9:09 - Rep. Earl Jaques provides commentary - we made a difference
10:00 - roll call resulting in 41-0 vote to pass ‪#‎KaylasBill‬
11:38 - Princess Kayla wraps the gavel confirming passage of the bill
12:10 - Rep. Melanie George Smith acknowledges other families present and professionals who helped make this happen

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