Thursday, July 3, 2014

Organ transplant discrimination for people with disabilities

Discrimination exists with regard to organ transplants for people with disabilities despite provisions in the ADA.

California & New Jersey have passed laws to prevent organ transplant discrimination for people with disabilities. An excerpt from the NJ law is below:

"The “Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990” prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities, yet many individuals with disabilities still experience discrimination in accessing critical health care services;

Individuals with mental and physical disabilities have been denied life-saving organ transplants based on assumptions that their lives are less worthy, that they are incapable of complying with complex post-transplant medical regimens, or that they lack adequate support systems to ensure such compliance"

Link to NJ law:

We plan to work with local disability advocacy orgs and the Delaware legislature to pass a similar law when they are back in session next year. We also plan to help other states pass this law.

We fully support any medical care necessary to give people with Down syndrome & other developmental disabilities a better, healthier life, just like anyone else, and we will advocate to ensure that happens.

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